S/V Fin, Brunswick, GA to Christmas in the Bahamas Dec 2018

Atlantic Sailing Sunrise

At 18:15 on Dec 22 Fin again slipped dock lines, this time from Brunswick Landing Marina with full tanks and plenty of stores aboard. The refrigeration was working well enough to do a decent provisioning in Georgia. Again we were blessed with good weather, such a rarity so late in the year. Winds were light from the West at 10-12 knots and by 21:00 we had full sail up and making our way down the Florida coast in the peaceful Atlantic. We kept a close eye on the weather and took notice of a rather calm forecast in a couple days, near Ft Pierce to Stuart and across to the Little Bahama Bank, our intended crossing point. The moon was waning but almost full, seas calm and a gentle breeze from the west made for a most enjoyable sail down the coast. By the early morning hours the wind almost vanished down to 3-5 knots and we cranked up the iron gennie to make way to Ft. Pierce for a quick fuel and water stop.

Bright Sunny Day to Sail.

While in Ft. Pierce, we sent Derek up the mast to attach a flag halyard from the starboard spreader. It is necessary in foreign ports to fly the quarantine or courtesy flags. With that detail done, we cast off the lines and set sail, now a comfortable NW wind building. Sometime in the evening, we encountered the Gulf Stream current about 10 miles off the coast of FL near Stuart and we began our crossing. Our weather plan held and we made it across quickly starting on a beam reach and ending on a close haul to port as the winds clocked to the NE at 18 knots. By then we were well East of the current and very close to a predawn arrival of the NW corner of the Little Bahamas Bank. From there we had to furl the jib and motor sail across the banks to our intended anchorage at Great Sail Cay. Fin executed our plan perfectly and we dropped anchor at 14:07 Christmas Day. We arrived by Christmas, a bit tired but jubilant, happy and warm. The cold nights we now behind us and the beautiful Bahamas waters our new winter home.

The crew of Fin

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