Megan’s Bay

I have always remembered Megan’s Bay on the North side of St. Thomas, USVI, as a popular but secluded place. When I first visited, the hills were covered with green shrubs and no houses. Now nearly the entire bay is surrounded with homes and new construction. Still the bay is a beautiful place to visit in settled weather.

Mystical sunrise over the saddle of Megan’s Bay on North side of St. Thomas, USVI.


On the morning we left, this mystical sunrise burned through the early morning mist. It was a quiet morning and a good sail later in the day.

The weather was calm as we raised anchor and sailed Westward to Culebrita. Just a gentle breeze as the Christmas winds gave a short break. I miss Megan’s Bay but has a home deeply rooted in my heart.


Megans Bay on the North side of St Thomas, USVI, falls behind us as we continue our sail Westward.





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