Full Moon Over Herrington Harbour

Full Moon Rising Over Herrington Harbour

Full Moon Rising Over Herrington Harbour

A few nights ago, there was a full moon rising over the boat yard. Chances are it rose where you live too but in case you did not witness it, I took this picture as proof. It appears much larger in real life and it affects everything… fender benders, broken battery chargers, failed refrigeration, etc. Like a gremlin, the full moon wrecks it havoc silently and often we do not know why. Someone needs to spank that moon! Like most democrats, the sun is a tolerant grand parent of the moon and the mother Earth seems too busy to care much about parental discipline. Oh well, such is life. We must accept fate as it happens and move on. It was however a very nice  evening with clear sky and no raining cats and dogs to enjoy this brief moment. For that I am thankful, very thankful!

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