Spacious Galley

Galley Aft The Galley aboard Second Star comprises the entire port side of the Salon. Left to right starting from aft is the deep double sink with an opening port to the cockpit above, top loading freezer, refrigerator with top and side loading, new Force 10 propane range and oven, dry goods storage under counter and stack of galley drawers. The galley has generous natural and DC lighting and an opening hatch above the stove. Black Plexiglas sliding doors hide, dishes, plates, glasses, cups,  spices, and more cooking related items. Cleaning supplies and other liquids are kept in the cabinet under the sinks.

New Galley StoveThe propane range and oven gimbals from port to starboard allowing the cook top to remain level with the sea while cooking underway. The bar in front of the stove allows a safe hand hold and prevents one from falling into the stove in a rolling sea. Cooking or baking while sailing is common practice. Fiddle blocks keep pots and pans from sliding off the cook top. Are you ready for the hot delicious meal while on shift?

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  1. Sandy Bottom says:

    The new Force 10 3 burner galley was installed today. Sure is beautiful! Dinner tonight… Panko crusted boneless chicken breast, carrots and spinach.

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