Nice Sail on Bight of Eluthera

Very enjoyable broad reach on bight of Eluthera.

With a rather gusty wind from the East, from 14 to 23 kts, we set sail from Hatchett Bay to Glass Window just a few miles NNW along the protected waters of the bight. As you can see, it was a pleasant short sail with Jib alone pulling the boat along at speeds of 7.5 knots.

The sail up to Glass Window was not only fast, but very enjoyable on the bight.


The area of the Eluthera Bridge is called “Glass Window” because one can see the Atlantic Ocean from the protected Bight.



We could see how the Atlantic was kicking up at the bridge, throwing spray up into the air as Atlantic meets the rubble below the bridge.



We enjoy the many beautiful white sand bays of Eluthera, Bahamas



There are several nice bays nearby to anchor in, so we chose Goulding Cay Bay with no other boats to enjoy the seclusion.

Just another beautiful day to enjoy in the Bahamas!

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