Hot and Humid

It was impossible to sleep in this morning. No it was not the noisy birds screeching and break dancing to the new day. The birds are there but not bothering me. It was not the cats and dogs falling on the deck. They will be here tomorrow. It was not even bugs flying about the cabin. They are haphazardly stuck to fly paper along with strands of my hair. It was that invisible too warm blanket of humidity… 90% at 5:30 in the morning. It was just too hot and sticky to sleep. Every muscle and joint in my body complains, especially my toes and feet. The temperature is not bad at only 76 deg F (25 C) and one would think this to be an excellent morning to get work done, but the humidity drains all energy from my body.Roll out of bed Aching all over, I roll over and sit up. Where is the cabin sole? My feet cannot find the floor. Did my legs shorten in the night? No, it is just the humidity making it difficult for me to get out of bed. I must stretch until I find the cabin sole then meander my way to the galley, make a cup of tea so the Captain can start his day. Nothing will happen until this first step is done.

I check the weather… and find today’s high is forecast as 91 deg F (33 C) which should happen between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. OMG what about the humidity? There is not a breath of air movement, just hot, sticky still air. Oh this is not good, at least for boat projects. I can see the afternoon will be spent in the air conditioned lobby as soon as the morning projects are complete. Time to get started!

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  1. Kathleen Jenkins says:

    In spite of the raining dogs, pouncing cats, buzzing insects, and yes that thick invisible blanket that you have to cut your way through – you are making progress. Love seeing all of the visuals and your attention to detail. Who’d a thunk that there is a beauty in seeing the process of making chain plates covers. One step at a time and you’ll be dangling those achy toes in a pool of warm tropical water.

    Have Fun!

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