Reinforcement to Bulkhead Tab

The chain plates for the forward lower stays attach to a minor bulkhead separating the forward cabin form the forward head. On the port side, the tabbing where the backing plate rested were not done properly.

Bulkhead Tab Reinforcement

Bulkhead Tab Reinforcement

Some of the bulkhead plywood was showing its age at this point, lacking compressive strength. After I ground the area clean and wiped with acetone to ensure a good bond I coated the plywood with thinned resin then filled with glass fibre thickened epoxy. Over this I laid three layers of 17 oz fibreglass roving wet with epoxy. In picture to right, the second layer is on and saturated. I cut back the white laminate near the top to allow more bonding area. This repair is merely to stabilize the bulkhead plywood in the area and provide a flat surface for the backing plate.

The location is behind the back panel of the forward hanging closet, which is taken apart for visibility and access to repair. The rest of the bulkhead tabbing to hull looks in very good shape. Once the cabinet was disassembled and the area thoroughly cleaned, the repair was simple and straightforward. You can clearly see the pattern of the roving used on the hull as well.

Bulkhead Tab Reinforcement - Last layer

Bulkhead Tab Reinforcement – Last layer

The last layer goes on as can be seen here. A little more epoxy is needed to saturate all the cloth for a good bond. After cure, holes for mounting the chain plate will be drilled from the other side. The chain plate will be installed. Bonding wire reconnected. Lastly, the cabinet will be reassembled and clothing move back in. This repair was made to the Port side and appears to be the only ‘knee” needing such reinforcement for the chain plates.

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