No Silence in the Rain

Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining Cats and Dogs

Rain comes in many forms, cold, warm, soft, hard, horizontal, driving and “Cats and Dogs”. Let me tell you about the latter, “Cats and Dogs” rain. It was a normal day at the boat yard yesterday with people busy getting their boats ready for the season. The weather was cooler, but by early afternoon, it began to rain. Not just any rain, but huge droplets turning into cats and dogs! I mean the rain was heavy, and I proceeded to do what I do best in the rain… catch up on rest. I could not sleep. Cats falling from the sky yelling out “MEOOOOOOOOOW!” followed by a hard thud, then “YEOOOOOOOOW”. Dogs falling from the sky barking, “Arf, Arf ARF!” Splat! “YIPE, Yipe, yipe” as they ran off. Cats jumping on dogs, dogs fighting with cats, Thud, screech, barking, screaming cats, yelping dogs. Who could get any rest with all that going on? It rained so much, if it were not for the noise of the cats and dogs, animals would be lining up two by two.

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  1. Lana says:

    Go to the pool, my friend …. Do not listen to this rain …

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