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Last week it was too hot! This week I welcome the cooler temperatures even though rain makes outside projects miserable. At least I have time to catch up here. Herrington Harbour North has space for about 1,500 boats in dry storage, 600 boats in wet slips and their South marina has another 600 slips. With that many boats, one can get a close look at just about every kind of boat made.

Some boats are stored out of the water year round.

Some boats are stored out of the water year round.

Dry Boat Storage at Herrington Harbour North

Every direction you look, there are boats stored

Dry Boat Storage at Herrington Harbour North

Boats are arranged in herringbone pattern


Row after row, as far as the eye can see, boats are neatly lined up in herringbone fashion with just enough room for the travel lift. Scattered throughout the storage area are posts with water and electricity so workmen can work on the boats without having to move them to another area.

With many yacht service companies here, just about anything can be repaired if willing to pay the price. This no ordinary boat yard. The grounds are clean. There are strict rules about sanding, grinding or making any kind of dust or pollution. This is an Eco-friendly facility, well run and staffed with friendly folk who go the extra mile to ensure a good experience. The Eco-resort atmosphere is their trademark, a welcoming place for family and friends. The showers and restrooms are clean. A nice pool and spa are open during the summer months. A convenience store and cafe is open on weekends. Even an occasional outdoor movie on Saturday nights. All marinas and boat yards should be this nice.

I took these pictures in the early evening after the boat yard workers have finished for the day and gone home. During the day, several marine travel lifts are busy moving boats in and out of the water. Workers are cleaning and polishing boats, grinding, sanding and painting bottoms, moving masts around, etc. Just one huge busy bee hive of activity with one goal… make your boat the best it can be in an Eco-friendly manner.

You can read more about this wonderful Eco-Lifestyle Marina Resort on their web site


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